Beautiful Nothing


There is a temptation, as my grip on this reality slips greatly, to hold on.  to hold on to that which i have never believed for fear of vacancy.  a netless fall from the perceived path.  how long will i hold on, how long will i try to make it work in a broken field.  perhaps not much longer now.  i feel all ties to identities of consciousness, packed into bodies – release.  i feel all connection to strain release.  i feel all tension relax and all direction vanish.  all i know is – there is more.  there is more and i release and relax myself into that place.  i release all impressions of what this would be like.  i release all impressions of my past and future.  i release my belief and agreements with the “laws” of this world.  i recognize the expanse and here i breathe deeply, freely, open my heart to the mystery and welcome the unknown, that which i seek.  4:11


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